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Savvy real estate professionals all over the country are laying the groundwork for a banner year by starting their newsletter campaigns NOW! We know of no better way to establish your identity with your customer base than with the good newsletter, Handi-Hints.

• Handi-Hints builds loyalty and referrals!
• Handi-Hints builds sales and listings!
• Handi-Hints is affordable!

Join the real estate professionals who use Handi-Hints to keep their name and identity in front of their customers. By doing so, you can increase your productivity at a surprisingly low cost as you mail to your farm area and prospects.

We’ve been helping agents for over more than 40 years, and we know what it takes to make your mailing a success. Many of our original agents are still with us!

All our articles are professionally written to interest as wide an audience as possible. Most readers are not interested in real estate right now. But, most readers are interested in shopping tips, household hints, cleaning tips and gardening ideas every day.

We recommend Handi-Hints be used with three different groups of people:

1. Your clients and customers, no matter which side of the contract you were on
2. Friends and acquaintances in your sphere of influence
3. Your farm area, choose a number of households you can stick with

The layout is designed to ensure that it’s read by your recipients and not just tossed aside like most mail. Our aim is to get them to spend a few positive minutes with your newsletter. We don’t try and sell them real estate... we want to sell them on a real estate agent. It’s as if you’d walked their block, and were chatting with them in their driveway. It’s clearly from an agent, but an agent who thinks enough of the customer to be interested in making a friend first.

And, to make things simple, we’ll do everything. We take the names you’re currently mailing to, and maintain them in our own database. We can add or delete names as often as you need. And the names are always available to you for any other purposes you can come up with.

We know you’ll be thrilled at the convenience and professionalism we bring to your mailing. And that translates to success as you build a following for you and for Handi-Hints.

Make this your MOST SUCCESSFUL year ever..join the Handi-Hints family of winning agents. Still have questions? Call 1-800-231-7313...our people can answer them for you, fast.

Good Selling!